This Week in Reading (Agenda)

Story Thirteen The Fortunes of Fragrance
March 9th – 16th Agenda

Wednesday, March 9th πŸ““ Story Thirteen Introduction & Words to Know (Mrs. Olmos)

Thursday, March 10th πŸ““ Comprehension Skill Lesson (Mrs. Olmos)

Friday, March 11th πŸ““ Comprehension Skill Practice

Monday, March 14th πŸ““Vocabulary Skill: Greek & Latin Roots Mini Lesson

Tuesday, March 15th πŸ““Vocabulary Skill Lesson Practice

Wednesday, March 16th πŸ““ Words to Know & Lesson Skill Quiz

All lessons, activities, and assignments are posted in Google Classroom and can be completed outside of the classroom. Quizzes are given in school only and if missed may be done in their Advisory class, codes will be given to the SSC teacher.

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