This Week in Reading (Agenda)

Story Twelve My Visit to Arizona
February 7th – 11th Agenda

Monday, February 7thSummary Activity (#1) (Due Friday)

Tuesday, February 8thStory & Words to Know Introduction (#2)

Wednesday, February 9thHomographs Mini Lesson (#4)

Thursday, February 10th Summary, Theme & Homographs Oh My! Skill Practice Activity (#5)

Friday, February 11th – Words to Know Quiz (#6) & Lesson Check (#7)

All lessons, activities, and assignments are posted in Google Classroom and can be completed outside of the classroom. Quizzes are given in school only and if missed may be done in their Advisory class, codes will be given to the SSC teacher.

Next week (February 14th-17th) we will be practicing our skills learned in Story 9-12 and taking our test. Study Packets (Tic Tac Toe Skill Review) will be completed and students will have the opportunity to update their scores on lesson checks done in January as a way to continue the learning process.

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